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♦ 一级国际货运署理企业
♦ 国度交通部同意的无船承运人
♦ 美国联邦海事委员会同意的无船承运人
♦ 中国各港口至环球的国际货运署理及无船承运办事
♦ 二十二家船公司的一级订舱署理
♦ 中国各港口至环球各门点办事
♦ 高效的流程和机动的应变才能
♦ 美满的体系便于追踪货品形态
♦ 牢靠的外洋署理网络确保优质办事
♦ 利用特种箱装载货品, 比方,框架箱/开顶箱/超宽超高箱
♦ 利用班轮运输严重件货品具有船期短、快、用度较低的好处
Our efficient team are offering competitive price in diversified and professional services as follows:
* International Shipping & Air;
* Intermodal Transportation;
* Special Container for Large Device;
* Cargo Transshipment;
* CY-CY, Door-Door, DDU. & DDP. Term;
* Original Documentation, Customs Clearance & Quality Control Service;
* Inland Haulage Service;
* Warehousing Service;
* Cargo Insurance Service;
* Forwarder Information and Consultation Service;

At our company, with our philosophy of “Mutual Growth”, we will continuously strive to improve while focusing on the future with a commitment to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. Together, with our global companies and partners, we will continue to provide and unparalleled combination of personalized customer service and expertise, on a global scale.


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